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Rainbow Boston Life Long Learning Institute

Spring 2018 Course Instructors

Thea Iberall

Having been described as ‘a bridge between heart and mind,’ Dr. Thea Iberall is the author of three scientific texts and has had dozens of poems published in anthologies and journals, including in Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust. Her book of contextual poems, The Sanctuary of Artemis, explores the roots of Western patriarchal culture.

As the playwright of We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History, Iberall did the extensive research needed to develop a script that synthesizes the various historical catalysts for women’s rights through history.

Her climate fiction novel The Swallow and the Nightingale reminds us that the visions of Gandhi, religious mysticism, and Native Americans are a more sustainable solution than the patriarchal system under which we live.

Iberall has taught at RPI Hartford and USC, and has a Ph.D. from UMass. She is an inductee into the International Educators Hall of Fame.

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Jyl Lynn Felman

Playwright and performance artist Jyl Lynn Felman has performed her work throughout the United States, including Cuba and the Czech Republic.  Her performance piece "If Only I Was Born A Kosher Chicken," aired nationally on C-SPAN.   She has taught Women and Gender Studies for thirty years at Brandeis, UMass/Amherst, and Suffolk University.  She’s the author of Hot Chicken Wings, short stories, Cravings, a memoir, and Never A Dull Moment:  Teaching and The Art of Performance.  An edited version of “Girl Kicks Girl” was performed at the 9th Women’s International Playwrights Conference in Stockholm in 2012, and is being translated into Spanish for publication in Cuba.  See:  www.jyllynnfelman.com

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Nancy Marshall and Tizzy Dolan

As a professional in the Recreation Field, Nancy Marshall spent her career providing a variety of activities to inpatients at a state hospital.  She continues to enjoy a variety of activities in retirement.

Tizzy Dolan comes from a game playing family. She benefitted from having several family members employed by Milton Bradley allowing her to test products before they made to market.

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Catherine Lord (coordinator), David Rooks, Barbara Talkov, Dee Russell, Jean Kates, Robin Eriksen

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