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Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston

A Community of Lifelong Learning

The Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston offers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender seniors and friends the opportunity to build and strengthen community through educational programs and social activities.

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To Our Spring

Meet & Greet Rainbow

February 25, 2020

12pm - 2pm

The Meet and Greet will take place at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, located at 630 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, MA. The event and our classes are wheelchair accessible. Please use the Mass Ave entrance to the church to attend.

The church is located on the 77, 79 and 350 MBTA bus lines. Directions and information on parking are available at the First Parish newcomers' page at http://firstparish.info/Newcomers/location.html

Parking is available in the following areas:
1. The municipal parking lot behind the commercial block across the street from the church’s main entrance. Pay at the kiosk. $1 for 2 hours.
2. The municipal parking lot kitty corner to the church, behind the Woods and Strings music store. Pay at the kiosk. $1 for 2 hours.
3. A small town parking area next to the Whittemore Robbins House behind the library. 
4. Street parking on Mass. Ave. (metered) and Pleasant Street. Four-hour parking in some spots along Pleasant Street.

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Browse Our Spring 2020 Course Schedule

Our Spring 2020 Courses include:

Two 5 week courses will run each Tuesday for the first half of the semester,

March 10 - April 7

Morning Class 10:30am - Noon

From Lesbian-Feminism to the Alphabet Generation: Liberation and its Discontents

Join us to learn about the lesbian feminist movement that radicalized feminist protest, the emergence of transgender politics, and the rise of new identities (LGBTQQINS, sometimes called the “alphabet generation”).

We will also focus on the ongoing conflict between an older generation of lesbian feminists and transgender activists—and speculate on the possibility of reconciliation.

Enrollment limited to 15.

Afternoon Class 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Listening to Classical Music:  How?  Who?  Why?

Whether you're curious, perplexed, inexperienced, or already converted, this class is for you!

Join us to explore how to listen to classical music through learning specific characteristics of music of the Baroque/Classical/Romantic periods, and by exploring the fundamental elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony and tonal color, through lots of musical examples.

Once you learn a basic glossary of musical term, you’ll begin to recognize pieces from a specific period, develop preferences, and hopefully discover some composers and pieces that you love!

We will explore primarily how to LISTEN.

Listening to specific pieces for each class will be recommended.                   

One 10 week long course will run each Tuesday for both halves of the semester,  March 10 - May 19 (No Class on April 14)

Afternoon Class 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Who’s Afraid of Edward Albee:  Reading Selected Plays 

Simultaneously soul searching and deeply disturbing with a biting humor, Edward Albee is a wizard with language. 

A major focus will be “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?”, seeing what makes it a masterpiece of technique and structure.  Additionally, we’ll read several short plays.  We’ll argue about the moral successes and failures of the characters. 

A focused reading of the texts is important.  Students will be asked to read scenes out loud.  This will be a terrific journey into the imagination of a great, haunting mind.

Enrollment limited to 15.

Two 5 week courses will run each Tuesday for the second half of the semester,  April 21 - May 19

Morning Class 10:30am - Noon

Slavery’s History of the World

Americans are beginning to grapple with the impact of slavery on the U.S., but we were far from alone.  Slavery existed worldwide for millennia.  People enslaved people they considered different from themselves, and most enslaved people were women.  Every country legally abolished slavery between 1800 and 1981, but just abolishing slavery never made everyone equal. 

This course will place U.S. slavery in a global context.  Lori will electronically share chapter drafts from her new book, Slavery’s History of the World.  Participants will be asked to come t o discussions prepared to share observations, ask questions, and perhaps critique the drafts (constructively, please).

Enrollment Limit:     35

Afternoon Class 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Mah Jongg Lessons

Find out why so many folks are obsessed with this game!

If you can be kind to yourself while you are learning, come learn the challenging game of American/Jewish/Western Mah Jongg. It is wonderful for your mind, requiring mental flexibility.

There will be a $9 cost in addition to your standard registration fee of $20.

We'll set up times to continue practicing together after the course is done.

Enrollment Limit:     20

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Read about our Spring 2020 Brown Bag Speakers Series.

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