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Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston

A Community of Lifelong Learning

The Rainbow Lifelong Learning Institute Boston offers Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender seniors and friends the opportunity to build and strengthen community through educational programs and social activities.

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Space is still available for our Immigrant Voices course!

Walk-in registration welcome for this class only.

Sept 4 - Oct 2, 10:30am - 12pm

Please arrive 15 minutes early to register onsite.

The course is $20 per student, plus a small fee to cover the printing and collating of the readings.*

*Please bring $20 in cash or check to the first class.


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Browse Our Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Our Fall 2018 Courses include:

Two 5 week courses will run each Tuesday for the first half of the semester, Sept 4 – Oct 2

Immigrant Voices Join us to explore immigrant experiences from Israel, Vietnam, China, & the Muslim world. We will view immigrant experieces the genres of poetry, drama, personal journey, and historical surveys. Come learn the stories behind the decisions... to leave their homeland, to begin anew, & what’s happened since.

Communicating Across the Political Divide There is a great divide in the political arena today between conservatives and liberals. In his book, The All New Don’t Think Of An Elephant, George Lakoff points out that people make decisions about politics and candidates based on their value system. Join us to explore this book and learn how much language matters in shaping and winning political battles.

Two 5 week courses will run each Tuesday for the second half of the semester,  Oct 16 - Nov 13

Kickstart Your Writing Come to this hands-on interactive course and get your creative juices flowing. . We’ll write in class to prompts, read to each other, and use peer/instructor feedback to turn the beginnings into pieces.

This course is prose-only (no poetry), both non-fiction and fiction, and is suitable to all levels of skill (beginner to author).

Enrollment limited to 15.

Qi Gong Feeling Stressed? Want to increase your balance, stamina, strength and focus?

The practice of movement meditation know as "Qi-Gong,"(pronounced chee gong) may help! Qi Gong combines slow circular movements, controlled breathing, focused attention and self massage.

The course will teach 15 to 20 moves over the course of 5 weeks with the hope that you can make them yours.

The class is open to both newcomers to Qi Gong, and students who have previously taken this or another class in it.

Enrollment limited to 15.


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Read about our Fall 2018 Brown Bag Speakers Series.

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